Reviews for "Khuskan - Not Enough"

Not enough? More like... um...

You know you're my hero. We both know that.

That thunder made me look outside. >:(

But to be honest, this is professional. Professional like a pornstar. Who's been doing it for awhile. Yes. Porn. Mmm, porn.

Oh, right, song. I should probably say something about that.

QUIET PIANO, awesome drums... kinda sounds like SOMEONE COULD BE A MCAWESOME HIPHOPPER?! Seriously. Try your hand at it. From what I heard of this, it sounds like you could get something awesome going.

Her voice is beautiful. Tell her I told you that. Then get her number for me.

...please? :D

Anywho, there's definitely not enough Khuskan in mah life. FIX THAT SHIT, BOYO.

Fifen, of course. Download, and favorited... and now, ladies and gentlemen, the moment you've all been waiting for and that I've been stumbling towards in an ADD-sleep deprived haze of METHAMPHETAMINE AND ABSINTHE, HUFFING KITTENS AS WELL...



Khuskan responds:

Hip-hop? Almost.

I love the backing music to a lot of hip-hop tracks, but I'm not much of a rap fan. That's why I went the trip-hop loop. I've gone into more depth in another review (NOT BECAUSE I DON'T LOVE YOU SOLUS, BUT BECAUSE I RESPONDED TO THAT FIRST) so give it a read if you get the chance.

Thanks :D

I'm gonna be honest with you...

I really have always been a fan of your work, and you lived up to your reputation in my book with this song. It's absolutely spectacular! You have a way with the piano, and those strings fit perfectly. The thunder was great, and so were the vocals! I personally suck at working with accapellas so I have to admire that.

I like that old record sound it had throughout the song, but gradually moved more towards the background, that was a very nice touch =)

Great work! 5'd and fav'd!


Khuskan responds:

Well to be fair, the vocals were made for the track, not the other way round, so all credit goes to Tamar for being bloody exccelent. She even has her own IMDB page :O

The record sound doesn't intentionally get quieter, that's just one of the fabulous effects of the side chain 4 band compression system I used to emphasise the drums and melody.

Thanks for the 5s!

Love it man

Added to my collection. Love the mellow sounds

:) I love your work

yay these songs make me happy=)


I just loved it.