Reviews for "Khuskan - Not Enough"


I absolutely love it, instant favourite. The mix of vibey rhodes and piano is great, and the (pretty silent) guitar and drums add to the tranquility and mood and that stuff. The vocals really fit well too, great voice and lyrics. I can't really think of anything to improve with this song, wonderful work!

Khuskan responds:

Wahay, the sort of response I was hoping for :D

The quiet guitar used to be a lot less quiet - Until I had to modulate the whole thing from E minor to B minor, because I managed to write some impossible vocal lines. After Tamar had a go at me, I had her sing the track to a basic piano mix, and once the vocals were secure, transposed all the synthed and sampled stuff down.

The guitar was the only track at the time that was audio as opposed to individual note samples, and I (proudly) recorded it myself on a converted 1970s acoustic to electric guitar. I didn't have the time to re-record it to fit the deadline (this is coursework for a music course I'm doing) so I bit the bullet and transposed the audio in cubase. This left a few artifacts, so I had to knock the volume down - but it ended up sounding better than it did before.

It also has the side effect of making that guitar riff very, very difficult to play.

lovin it man

that was awesome stuff yo made there
ur on my favourites list

:) 5 votes from me

every time perfect.

i close my eyes and dream to this man, you´re really great!!! this track is one of the greatest tracks that i ever heard here in NG. you got from me 5(00)/10(00) POINTS.

love it

man the beat goes perfectly with her voice. you guys make a hell of a team.

Wow, this song is awesome.

I was choosing some songs to listen at random and I happened to come across this song. Good job!