Reviews for "Khuskan - Not Enough"

love it

man the beat goes perfectly with her voice. you guys make a hell of a team.

a pleasant surprise

this is my first time listening to music on NG. I wasnt expected anything special when i randomly chose a song, so i was happily surprised when i heard this. the voice is very nice, although i did notice some possible imperfections in pitch as others have mentioned. but imperfections can be nice to hear for some reason. the background was melodic and soothing and mellow:it reminded me of some of the beats of Royksopp, a swedish band.

great song, you inspire us all.

doing an excellent job as usual Khuskan! :)


Wow really quality vocals. You really don't hear that sort of thing here. I don't care much for the lyrics but the tone is really great. The vocals could use a little more reverb to counter act the karaoke effect but its really slight and doesn't take away from the song at all. And great chill arrangement great production there. I don't like Cubase but Reason is really a great tool to rewire into another program. I find Live a great tool to work with especially if you take this sort of thing on stage.

What I really want to know, is that Philharmonic that you are producing the strings in that static effect (although really effective) sounds really familiar.

Good job over all

yet another masterpiece by my favourite =P

Brilliant work as usual Khuskan!
Great vocals, great music. fits together very well!
your back with a bang!
try update more, i have a need for your music :3