Reviews for "Skywards"

all our praise belong to you

its so hard to find GOOD piano and this was beautiful, had a happy feeling but
kind of bittersweet feel in the background

i also like the other instruments, they support the piano very well without over
shadowing it or even standing beside it, they are clearly in the background
to the star, that being a great piano.


very nice, gives me a nice happy mood, yet has a tap of love music in it. :P do i make any sense? aha its a good song, kinda repeats but what song doesnt do that these days? :) 9/10 for you bro

Nice song

The Piano is very good in this song, i'd like to see what others you can make

pretty good!

It was good but a little predictible. The ending was more exaggerated then it should have been. Overall, it was pretty good!

ok god

ok god. not me music

PianoFortress responds:

thanks jesus