Reviews for "Skywards"

Excellent but One Thing

Wow. First review since 8 days ago but... back to the point... I hope.

Actually, I heard this song a year ago and it inspired me to learn the piano. Unfortunately, I am still unable to play this song properly. If anyone made the sheet music for this piece, it would be helpful.

Long story made short, this song is awe-inspiring and definitely very happy. Even so, I can feel a slight touch of romanticism in it. I definitely enjoyed this. Keep up the good work!

Ja na.
P.S: Hopefully one day I can play this song for my girlfriend =3

PianoFortress responds:

maybe one day, I shall do some sheets. Though few parts are 4 hand ;D


Wow, this is a total masterpiece, I am totally inspired by this, its just so uplifting and happy! 10/10!!!

I love this song

Its inspiring me...


that melody was so good...my cat was meowing to it! ~meow :)


In the beginning I was surprised... it sounded so melancholy! But then that poppy melody came in with the piano. Very nice job.

I like the different parts of this piece... it adds a nice variety and diversity to the song. One thing though: Do you have lyrics to this song? Because it really seems like the piano medley should be replaced with a beautiful female voice =P

Anyhow, I don't know too much about pop but based on my music knowledge... this seems great! Good job!