Reviews for "Skywards"


Lol! During one part where the piano is playing staccato up high, the badgers were dancing, it was hilarious. Great song! Love it.

Worth A Record Deal

Truley Fantastic [:
Im Still Fazed By The Song and Its Replayed over 5 Times Now!
If There was a way to get the sheets For this I Would Be Extreamlly in Your debt!
its Such A relaxed,Up Beat, And feal Good kinda Song
It Makes you want to Write lyrics For it!
-I take My Hat Off to You,But wait I Do not Have A Hat so my Gloves will Have to do
Take care~

PianoFortress responds:

I thought about lyrics but who's gonna sing it =D

This is my most favorite!

This is absolutely perfect and inspiring! Makes me want to become a real animator even more because then I can work with music like yours! You are a genius! A great composer! Man, now I want piano sheets for this one also!

PianoFortress responds:

yes sir!


freakin awesome u r amasing make more this an awesome talent u have life is good :3


This song is pretty beautiful, it has like a heavenly feel to it!

Keep it up!

5/5 + Downloaded