Reviews for "Absalom RPG 2"

really ralley good game

Great game but you should make some boss battle music too.

The Best of all RPGs!

The best of them all!

this game deserves to be higher tha mini putt

i think thatthis deserves to be the no 1 thing for newgrounds, it is easily the best thing i have ever seen, make the next one soon, and make i so that you move faster, and give that on dude a better outfit, he looks really gay right now

ok, but a lil' screwed up

i hope you get done with absalom 3 soon then spring 2002. this game was ok though. but the bad guys are stronger then you. i was trtainin' bout' forever just to beat those 3 golems

=) idea

Add some hot chick with see thorught clothing. yeah lol