Reviews for "Absalom RPG 2"

I'm hooked.

That ruled. I really really enjoyed spending 3 hours playing it. Thank you. I shall follow your path and play/view all your NG work from here on out cause that just ruled.

REALLY COOL GAME!!! if u know how to play

I thought it was an exelent RPG considering it was made with Flash. The Game wasn't easy nor was it impossible.
A pretty good story
Good Battle Screens
Good Stats and Abilities for each Character
Not repetitive like a lot of games here
the only thing I thought that wasnt perfect was the password thing; It doesn't keep your stat cards,and items, it replaces them by gold.
I think any rpg fan would like this

Waiting for part three.

What I said above and I'm wondering how you could improve on this peice of perfection.

Best Password Pls.

Is there any password then IKTQOO+R?
I am stuck in the spade ruin thing. What am I suppose to do? I went to the deepest part of it but a dead end. What am I excatly suppose to do there? And say the garbage can. You should make that garbage thing can only be click 1 time. So annoying in it. Is there a way out of the Whitest town guy? And why is there a dead end in the ruin?

And the poppet thing look funny. Does it attack by using Emma attack? Or it do some other skill to? Something should be fix with it. Whenever I fight the poppet 5 time, It seem to have alot of skill.

Tail Lence(Poiseg)
Weak Lence(Poisen)
Strong Lence(Poisen)
Heal(90,000 Healed dmg)
Power Token(Give more power)

Is it suppose to happen?
I got kick ass by it.

keep it up

hey what ever happened to the third absolem and i dont mean dungeon but other than that u rock