Reviews for "Absalom RPG 2"

Excellent Game !

This was the best game on NewGrounds ! I liked the new saving system and new commands in battle !

Excellent Job !

Can't wait for Absalom 3 !!!


GOD MAN HURRY UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!That game is fustrating, I did the first chapter, got the password, and when it came to this chapter, I FORGOT IT! I WROTE IT DOWN< I FORGOT THE PAPER!!!!!!!!

Naked Cat? wtf?

Great Game dude. . . really awesome. . . what was up with the naked cat monster? Was she really necessary? I mean, I like anime but uhhh. . . someone's been watching/playing a bit too much Darkstalkers. What a great game. . . Also Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo! Oh that game rocked. Oh, and yours is great too. It should be a game on like GBA or GCN or something. It's cool. . . . . . . AC/DC RULES!

Best Password Pls.

Is there any password then IKTQOO+R?
I am stuck in the spade ruin thing. What am I suppose to do? I went to the deepest part of it but a dead end. What am I excatly suppose to do there? And say the garbage can. You should make that garbage thing can only be click 1 time. So annoying in it. Is there a way out of the Whitest town guy? And why is there a dead end in the ruin?

And the poppet thing look funny. Does it attack by using Emma attack? Or it do some other skill to? Something should be fix with it. Whenever I fight the poppet 5 time, It seem to have alot of skill.

Tail Lence(Poiseg)
Weak Lence(Poisen)
Strong Lence(Poisen)
Heal(90,000 Healed dmg)
Power Token(Give more power)

Is it suppose to happen?
I got kick ass by it.

hey man, nice shot

I didn't get to sit down and play much, but nice job.. I can tell you spent a lot of time on it, and it ws well spent.