Reviews for "Absalom RPG 2"


I don't care what anyone else says - this is THE best Portal entry, EVER. The graphics are a bit rudimentary, but are improved over Absalom1. The sound picks, while repetitive, are perfect for an RPG. The card system isn't hard to figure out if you play Absalom1 and read the instructions. Not only have you gotten Flash to do something it wasn't made to do, you've done it with style and with an obvious knowledge of what typical Japanese RPGs are like. Why this isn't #1 - or at least ranked higher than that stupid Street Life - I just don't know. Maybe Portal viewers don't know good stuff when they see it. You were robbed, Kinsman!

An Awesome RPG

I just love this. It's one of the greatest games on Newgrounds. Keep up the good work!


Erm...this game kicks ass, but the moving around sucks, you should make the moving around like final fantasy games.


Hope the next chapter(3) is coming soon!!!
Wen it comes can yo make it so you kan pick up items!


Absolom chapter 1 and chapter 2 r awesome. When is chapter 3 going to come? Very fun and awesome game. Kinsman WE NEED ANOTHER ONE
........addicted......... ..