Reviews for "Absalom RPG 2"

I liked this one

I liked this one just like the first one. Its good and bad though. Its not the best game there can be. I know you can make it though. Good luck.

nice game

please make nr 3 because i want to know what will happen next but don't do the game like in that dungeon thing because it was stupid do game 3 like you did the first 2 i'm a great big fan of rpg and i love the storry here. it was one of the best game's ive ever played on newgrounds.

Good, still could be better

Pretty much on par as Absalom 1. I would like to see some more features. Walking is one issue that I had, since many times it's painfully slow. Also, some magic skills would be pretty sweet to have.

This was awsome!

The first one was the bomb, but this was even better! I likedd how u could carry ur information over. That helped me out a lot I think. Then I also like how u changed around some of things. If ur planning on making a third one I wouldn't change a thing with it!

the first chapter was a lot more interesting

Though sequels are rarely better than their predicessors, I was expecting this to be greatly improved, because there was a lot of time between the submission of the two games.