Reviews for "Absalom RPG 2"

Bad Game Play

Sorry, bad game play, doesnt look good either :S theres no good rpgs out there :S


Mostly I played this because I enjoyed the first - it's great to see how the plot develops and how the game is improving. Disappointing that you never completed this - it would have been a decent RPG, even if not the best.

it's ok

nothing too new or interesting


A little better than the last. I'm a fan now! I hope there's alot more where this came from! Well done!!


The Graphics could be better, could use some shading there. Do you have Adobe Photoshop?

I can't get past the gang encounter in Nordane, so i'm trying to level up in the forest near Nordin.

Also, you think you could give Marthanne a little more clothing? Possibly, enough material to have a bikini?