Reviews for "Jurassic Park Clock Style"


OMFG another sucessful roject from a clock artist! That was truely great and i think has topped Milkclocks 'milks world 2' for my number 1 fav flash on newgrounds WELL DONE, dont like bad reviews get you down jsut that people arent open minded... CAN'T WAIT FOR LOST WORLD

Another Clock Masterpiece

i love Clock Crew movies. i cant not watch them, and they are just plain funny. i have to agree with Gex_1 about Clock Crew haters - they can all fuck themselves for all i care. anyone who gives a Clock movie less than a 6 is shit, unless they have a few positive comments OR if they said something like "It's okay, but maybe you should so-and-so" because at least the latter likes it and is trying to help the Clock Crew. as for any other people who give them less than a six, FUCK YOU!

Love Jurassic Park

And this parody! I really enjoyed watching this, and even after watching it over and over again, I still found it very funny. I especially love the part with the raft. All the other parts are very funny as well. This is a great movie! Good job, man!

Wicked i luv it

That was really good especialy the *beep*when a swear was on im kinda like that,swearing is a waste of time ain't it Bannana Clock?Bannana clock?!BANNANA CLOCK!HES GONE LOOKING AT HIS FAVOURITE DINOSAUR?Don't worry Strawberry Clock we will find him or he will probably get eaten by M.R Tyranosarus!anyway lovely vid i cant wait till the lost world


not bad at all