Reviews for "Jurassic Park Clock Style"

good job ace-of-spades!

i love inter-clock flashes..... the one thing u need to improve on is the "speech arrow" as i call it.... yours was too slow and big........... but this was rilly good! i loved every minute


More and more, Clocks are creating ambitious projects. It's good to see someone putting hard work into their movies. We'll show those anti-Clocks what we're made of even if it kills us! Good job. Make more, though!


i like it but the voices suck

Holy Shit Dude.

Damn That was cool man! You need to give me an e-Mail!That Was Cool!You have to teach me to do that! You had Procombsognathus Triassicus And Tyrannosaurus Rex Including The Visitor Enterance And the D.N.A. Lab and the Power room. Plus You had Isla-Nublar and Isla-Sorna!
Keep Up The Good Work!


Pretty damn good for a first submission... congradulations....w00t COMPYS