Reviews for "Jurassic Park Clock Style"

It twas good.

Not enough humor though, other than that I really liked it. I hope your next one is better though. And why do so many people not like the Clock movies. I think their great.

Im not a clock hater.

I love clocks. Some of my favorite movies are clock films. This, in my opinion, was just bad. The plot dragged on and on, the animation was allright, but could have been better, and the bleeps were annoyingly loud. This is your first movie, and it's a preatty good start, but I'd work on your stuff some.

One thing

T Rex should have slipped on Banana Clock's peel.

good job ace-of-spades!

i love inter-clock flashes..... the one thing u need to improve on is the "speech arrow" as i call it.... yours was too slow and big........... but this was rilly good! i loved every minute

This is a nice JP spin-off!

I haven't seen one of these on Newgrounds in a while! The plot is pretty cut up, though. It skips around a lot, but everything else is pretty good. What would you say if I asked to collaberate with you on the next one?