Reviews for "Jurassic Park Clock Style"


I enjoy clock movies so i like this one too!

Banana clock is gay


Don't let the bad reviews get your down. This was quality, and was also hilarious. I can't wait for the lost world clock style! w00t. Keep up the good work fellow clock.

This was your first clock movie...

...and lets hope and pray for the sake of all our souls that this was your last.

You've got a budding talent, but Clock Movies aren't your stuff. There is nothing in there that even the newest clocks would find of interest.

I have to credit you for trying, but please, PLEASE, do NOT try this again.

Not bad..

pretty decent for the first one..good job..

Dear Lord...

Well, that certainly did suck. The scenes were drawn out far too long thus destroying any hope of pulling off anything humorous. The graphics were bad, you used the shitty ClearClock version of StrawberryClock, and you failed miserably at making this a worthy spoof.

To properly spoof Jurassic Park in "Clock Style" then instead of cloning dinosaurs, the scientists should have been cloning giant Mol-Mols or Peggies. That would have been hilarious, especially if HamburgerClock was the parks owner.

Anyway, the movie sucked. AceofSpadesClock is a terrible name. Nothing in this movie resembles anything close to being considered "Clock Style" (aside from the word "Clock" and the use of Clock avatars).

Keep up the good work