Reviews for "Jurassic Park Clock Style"


This truly needs a lot of work. The use of clicker or some such program is unacceptable for voice acting, & other sounds needed to be included.
However completely contradictory to what I've just said, the 1 rate is for the Rex, which had a good sound.


not bad at all


Eh, It Wasn't Bad. But It Was Kind Of Funny, Anyway Not A Bad Movie LOL.

Wicked i luv it

That was really good especialy the *beep*when a swear was on im kinda like that,swearing is a waste of time ain't it Bannana Clock?Bannana clock?!BANNANA CLOCK!HES GONE LOOKING AT HIS FAVOURITE DINOSAUR?Don't worry Strawberry Clock we will find him or he will probably get eaten by M.R Tyranosarus!anyway lovely vid i cant wait till the lost world


Funny. but the graphics were a bit dodgy