Reviews for "Just Begun"


Just wow. I love the effects on the mic. What exactly did you do? You really put yourself out there by putting a vocalized track up. I like it! You've got a good voice.
Man, I'd love to make a vocalized song like this. If you ever need another singer, I'm always available.

The lyrics really fit the mood of this piece. Your voice and the way you articulate most if not all of your phrases makes it seem like the piano and your voice were just... built together. Some people just can not sing to a piano, you are not one of them.

I love the voicing of all the instruments. The strings are subtle enough not to take the spotlight, yet this song wouldn't seem right without them. As with all the pieces. The piano is flawless. Like it was built just for this song. Drums... Wow. I find it hard to get drums and vocals to work together right, but you've hit the nail on the head!

No song is perfect, but this is damn near it.

I would love it if you could rate my newest classical song "Drown Me (Miles Apart)"
I'm considering lengthening it and putting vocals to it...

Good job mate!

MilkMan-Dan responds:

The effects... well you all seem very interested in the effects. Haha... just an autotuner... a little mod delay and a bit of reverb... my voice is weird to begin with.

I'll keep your singing abilities in mind for the future... I have a feeling I'm going to work with alot of artists with this kinda thing.

Thanks for the in-depth review.



Need I really say more? I mean, its nice to hear another opinion, but mine would definitely be a replica of these two other reviewers. You did a hell of a good job on this song. I won't subtract points for it being in the 'wrong' category, like you said. It still sounds beautiful, and I'm happy you submitted this to newgrounds. This is going to definitely place in the charts, and circulate for a while. I wish you well, man. Take care, and keep up the awesome work!

MilkMan-Dan responds:

Haha it's only in the Classical section for now so it doesn't get emmediatley zero voted since I have more of a fan base here. I'll probubly move it to easy listening or something later.

I hope it makes the top charts... your 5 votes are the only thing that can make that happen and I thank you for them.

Thanks for the review.


but i plays piano too!

ur lyrics are emotion -driven also, i see. very heartfelt, but, on a personal level, i like just music. no offense to u! It is still a good song! yea. i still love your piano playing.... so did u sing as u played?
you emotional devil you


Amazing. I love the music, especially the piano. Your voice is amazing, and the lyrics are very moving. One thing, though. Watch your breathing when you sing. I noticed that when you hit the end of a part, you would kinda fade out, especially at the low notes. Other than that, you did a great, great job!!!


this song is very good, i have never heard your voice before milkmandan, you have a good voice, again you have moved me. well done (again) lol i cant wait to find more of ur creations.