Reviews for "Just Begun"

Unleash your beast.

Its about bloody time you let people hear you, my friend. Your singing, as I've said before is awesome. And you are very good at it.
The best part, is ...you don't sound ameteur. A lot of people that can sing, (myself included)...and hit the right notes and all that...the final product is 'nice', but there is not a lot 'life' in the vocals. It sounds more mechanical. So what I'm saying is, it sounds like YOU were meant to sing. Because you have the electricity in your voice that really stands out. I don't know if that made sense..its very early for me and words are escaping me, at the moment.

So yeah. Instant 5

You're one of a kind.

I love how you put up such high quality music, despite the fact that this is a free site. You don't see many other authors putting up full pieces due to some stupid reason about the portal, or because they are greedy.

Anyways, onto the piece, as usual your work is epic. I don't know if you've ever sung before but you did a damn good job - the only thing I can fault is the timing of the words. Sometimes you went a little off rhythm to get a word that otherwise wouldn't have fit in. But hey, this is the first piece I've heard with you singing in it. I bet you'll get the hang of it next time. And it's not really like it was too big of a problem, I just thought I'd put it out there as an improvement you could possibly make.

Like I said about you, you're music is also one of a kind. You wont find anything like this mainstream.

Much appreciation,

MM-D, I love you.

MilkMan-Dan, I love you. Your music never fails to impress me. I'd like to hear you sing more, too, please.


Can you put the lyrics up please?

MilkMan-Dan responds:

Yah mate, just look at the comment above yours.


Simply fantastic, impressive that your voice compliments the tone and feeling of the back ground music. Your emotion for the song also shows how you feel and reflects you. I love it simply because it seems that you believe in what your singing, and well quite simply you can sing. Flipping well done!