Reviews for "Just Begun"

smooth lyrics and song style.

Your music has always shown such great emotion, you can feel the sorrow fllowing from the music to show such great empathy.
Brilliant keep on producing such great music please!

; (


Very touching

this.. this. i can't really describe.
i sense the intense feeling that you put in the making of this.
some people do nothing when they feel down, some people write poems like me, but you, you decided to make a song out of it, and a pretty damn good one! i lost count of howmany times ive played this song. for the song you get a 4/5 and for the feeling youve put in a 10/5. great way to express your feelings!


who's singing?? Either his voice was edited a lot, or he sings very good....
anyhow, nice one...again


Hadn't really taken the time to leave a comment, but it's about time I did. Your music is truly inspiring, you're one of the best artists this site has ever heard. Your song's so emotional and beautiful, one can easily tell how you felt when you wrote this. Getting a review from you would be an honor.