Reviews for "Just Begun"


Hadn't really taken the time to leave a comment, but it's about time I did. Your music is truly inspiring, you're one of the best artists this site has ever heard. Your song's so emotional and beautiful, one can easily tell how you felt when you wrote this. Getting a review from you would be an honor.


I don't know how much you care, I don't know if you've listened to any of my stuff, but I'd just like to say thanks for being an inspiration in a way. Many of my piano pieces are written in a style I developed while listening to some of your pieces.

Your voice is very beautiful, by the way. My only quarrel is the chorusing at the beginning. It sounds quite odd for a minute there. Also, your emotion can kind of obscure the words. At on point, when you sing "do you feel safer", you placed a small "n" in front of "do". Other than that, you did a brilliant job. I'm glad you bring so much joy to so many people. Hopefully one day I'll get there too.

Anyway, Thanks for reading. I'd really appreciate a response, regardless of how short, so I can know you took a few seconds to read this. ;)



I started letting this play, and I minimized the screen to type to someone, and after a while I forgot I was listening to someone on NewGrounds, it sounded so professional in both song-writing and sound quality! This isn't typically my interest in music, but you did an amazing job with this, so thank you for creating such great music!

got to love the octaves in the left hand... ;)

big fan of octave use... it's like the piano's inbuilt bass.
Good work Dan... I'll be chatting to you soon :)

You're one of a kind.

I love how you put up such high quality music, despite the fact that this is a free site. You don't see many other authors putting up full pieces due to some stupid reason about the portal, or because they are greedy.

Anyways, onto the piece, as usual your work is epic. I don't know if you've ever sung before but you did a damn good job - the only thing I can fault is the timing of the words. Sometimes you went a little off rhythm to get a word that otherwise wouldn't have fit in. But hey, this is the first piece I've heard with you singing in it. I bet you'll get the hang of it next time. And it's not really like it was too big of a problem, I just thought I'd put it out there as an improvement you could possibly make.

Like I said about you, you're music is also one of a kind. You wont find anything like this mainstream.

Much appreciation,