Reviews for "Just Begun"

MM-D, I love you.

MilkMan-Dan, I love you. Your music never fails to impress me. I'd like to hear you sing more, too, please.

You Have a Nice Voice

But it kills it for me, sorry.

I liked the music, I just think it could be better without you're voice.

Nice job though.

Excellent Song

I really like this song, its got a lot of feeling and like always your piano skills are breathtaking. While the score for the song is perfect, the vocals could use a bit of love. The chamber/echo effect is a bit over done, and distracts from the flow of an other wise very clean piece. The balance of the vocals seems a bit off as well, you have wonderful voice, but the result is much flatter then it should be. It could be my speakers, lacking my studio headphones (vacation), so I'll check again when I get home.

Congrats on a wonderful production.

o.o ...

Let me start out by saying, WELCOME BACK!!! I know I'm probably late in saying this, but still. I stopped coming to the audio portal when you and MaestroSorrow disappeared, but I'm glad I come back every once in a while now!

This song was awesome. Pure awesome. I can see this as being really awesome with a bigger electric guitar, etc. Basically, when played by a rock band, this would be awesome. Well, more awesome. XDD

If you don't mind, though, could you send the lyrics to me? I can make out most of them, but there ARE points. DX

Once again, welcome back. We all missed you. ^_^


You're no pro but you are far better than I am (thats not saying much) but then again thats disputable, rappers suck in my opinion and they're supposed to be pros. Anyways, all my 10 r belong 2 dis