Reviews for "Just Begun"

that was wow

wow thats was good i loved evey bit of it keep up the good work

Amazing (again)

I much prefered the lyrics in this to those in 'Sand Castles', I can't really explain why except to say that I find the lyrics in 'Sand Castles' overly nostalgic and slightly well...predictable.

Again this was very well mastered and the piano was impressive as always.

I read in your profile that you are not releasing any sort of CD. I can understand that, but have you ever considered iTunes or any other downloadable media? Many artists have managed to get off the ground that way and I really think you should get your music going commercially.

Good luck with your endeavours (I'm beginning to get bored of reviewing), 100'.

Absolutely unbelievable

The first time I've heard your voice in your music.... just absolutely floored me. You not only have amazing talent in music but you can more than effectively enhance it by adding not only lyrics but your own voice to it.

With this your music can tell so much clearer a story. And while that isn't always a good thing it is still a very much worthwhile thing to do.

I would love to hear more with and without lyrics. You do both so well it would be a crime to not take it as far as it could possibly go. And of course you can always keep moving forward, no turning back. To stop here would deny yourself and others much that we want to see.

another great job

i can tell you in a thousand of languages, and all will be the same:

"Another Great Job"

I made the lyrics for everyone

A very well-done piece of work.

The lyrics are: rocking the river as you run to the fields where its greener, do you feel safer? Open your eyes within the sense of emotion consume you as you tumble down the warm almost day and your homework changes to work. Relieve that moment until the pain is almost gone, but remeber that the battle is only just begun. Their you well find where you once found the certancy of reason, a meausre of treason young where the words, in the eyes of another it cannnot replace the moment of fate where when you thought you didnt love her once a mistake and your whole world changes to what it coulda bin' relieve that moment till the pain is gone, but remember that the battle is only just begun.

And as I must say again, an amazing piece of work, I think those were the lyrics. I tried to make sure they were the right ones.

MilkMan-Dan responds:

Hey mate, Not bad.... here are the real lyrics.

Look at the mirror
As you run to the fields
where it's greener
Do you feel safer

Open your eyes
Let the sense of emotion
Surround you
As you tumble Down

--- Chorus ----

One small mistake
and your whole world changes
to what could have been

Relive that moment
Until the pain is gone
But remember
The battle has only just begun

Here you will find
Where you once felt
The certainty of reason
A measure of treason

Young were your words
In the arms of another
It Cannot replace
The moment of fate
When you thought you didn't love her

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