Reviews for "Just Begun"

i've been...

going down the list of your submissions and i cant help but notice almost every song is better than the other
I think "When I Wake" is still my favorite
but geez man you're amazing

takes a lot for a classical artist to effectm e in any way and you've seemed to do it

i'll eventually have all your songs on my psp


could i borrow a bucket.... to i can give you all my feelings spilling out of me right now.....

i salute you


Great voice, great piano, great everything. Very cool.

splash of emotions**

i have to say that I ABSOLUTELY AM IN LOVE WITH YOU!!! you make Amazing/Beautiful music <3 !!!!!!!!!!

Breath taking

Simply amazing. You're voice is so easy to listen to, and the piano is...wow. One of the best vocal artists on here! Don't stop, you're gonna be famous one day.