Reviews for "Just Begun"

Zap me.

Man, this is why I support independent authors. You're amazing, Milk-Man Dan. And that was an epic song.

MilkMan-Dan responds:

Well where would an independant artist be without support.

I should open donations!

Then I can make... like money and buy more equipment.

lol... nah... I'm glad you liked it though bud.

Thanks for the review.



This is epic, good sir.

The vocals, lyrics and background work together to paint some great emotion. This sounds like a professional chart topper. No joke. If I heard this on the radio I would listen happily and think something something like "Wow, that sounds deep, cool and insightful. I've got to get the lyrics for it and see what other songs this guy has."

In fact, I was gonna ask for lyrics if Maestro hadn't beaten me to it =O. Darn you and your speedy reviews! Lyrics were written by you as well? Masterful my friend, masterful. If you don't mind my asking, where does your inspiration for this come from? Is it personnel experience?

Your voice is amazing. I'd assumed it to be an unwritten rule that NG audio artists couldn't sing very well. Well, I was wrong I guess =). You seem to have hit the vocals straight on the head. I love the effect. I don't know if its the effects you applied to the voice or just your inflection and overall singing but dude... Its candy to my ears.

I've never seriously considered this for other artists but if you get an album out you can consider it bought by me (and you can almost be assured, quite a few other people).

You get a 5 and 10, good sir.

But remember, the battle has only just begun =)

MilkMan-Dan responds:


Wonderful!... thats what I was hoping for.

Tell your friends... tell your dog. Tell your dog's friends.

The inspiration for this peace comes from a personal experience. But many of us can relate to this song...

You simply make a mistake and spend the rest of your life wondering what would have happened if you hadn't made it. It's consuming really.

And don't worry... I can't sing... software is wonderful these days... so that rule still applies to newgrounds.

I'll let you know when I make an album. And then I'll send it to you for free cuz you rock.



After listening to this, and Khuskan's Not Enough, I've realised something.

Voices make things sound so much better.

This is masterful, my friend- there are naught but small problems with it.

A very few small problems as well.

Maybe the echo on the voice wasn't the best type of sound you were going for.

It wasn't bad, but I feel it could do with some fixin'.

ANYWAYS, guitars- synthesized or real? Because if that's synth, GUESSWHATYURTEACHINME. >:(

And that's all. Fifent, downloaded, JOO BE FAVORITED, and 10.


MilkMan-Dan responds:

Hey guy I tried to do some fixins... so perhaps it may sound better now... I reuploaded it with the fixins.

The guitar is synth... thats right... synth baby.

I got a whole wack of new software... can you tell?

Take care mate and thanks for the review.



i didnt know you could sing!!! its so cool!! but the volume of the vocals was relatively loud, but overall 10

MilkMan-Dan responds:

You know what... I agree... the vocals were a little loud.

Guess What?

I fixed that... now whenever you listen to it, the vocals should be that much appealing.

Thanks for pointing that out mate.


Well Done

Very nice, it has a good solid feeling to it. I am going to guess you have had some singing lessons. Lyrics are perfect, but I don't know about the echo effect on your voice it doesn't feel right. Overall Great work.

MilkMan-Dan responds:

Well I've made some adjustments to the voice... but some like the effects while others don't... But I'm glad you liked it regardless.

Thanks for the review.