Reviews for "Just Begun"


as others before me have said this piece is great, and you have a beautiful voice. much better than me, i must admit. you are definitely one of my favorite artists here on newgrounds. absolutely 5/5 and 10/10.


Wow, I had no idea you could sing. Not only the quality of the recording, but your voice fits quite perfectly. The lyrics seem to be written very well so I compliment you on that one. I also love your piano. Whatever one you used sounds very good. Especially when your playing the soft intro. It actually makes me want to practice more, haha. Your drums sounded excellent in the mix I'd say. Not too loud or too quiet. I think I'd have thrown a bit more reverb on the snare, that's more of a personal preference though. The synth guitars actually sounded pretty damn good. I still would have gotten a guitarist to record for you, but hey, that's your choice. The strings provide a rather nice backing to it all and never really overpower.

All around it's a really good song. I hope to hear more songs from you with vocals.

Unleash your beast.

Its about bloody time you let people hear you, my friend. Your singing, as I've said before is awesome. And you are very good at it.
The best part, is ...you don't sound ameteur. A lot of people that can sing, (myself included)...and hit the right notes and all that...the final product is 'nice', but there is not a lot 'life' in the vocals. It sounds more mechanical. So what I'm saying is, it sounds like YOU were meant to sing. Because you have the electricity in your voice that really stands out. I don't know if that made sense..its very early for me and words are escaping me, at the moment.

So yeah. Instant 5

Interesting twist

I didn't pay attention to the description of this piece, I just kind of spazzed when I saw the newest MMD piece and instantly clicked on it :P Hearing the vocals kind of threw me at first, but it fit well as the first vocal piece you've done! The distort effect on the vocals meshed with the music as well. (At least thats what I hope it is, or I need to get new speakers ASAP! :P)

This song fits well with a saying my father taught me, which was "The only experience you should regret is one you don't learn from, even if it's a mistake."

Keep making history Dan! I love it!


I play piano too but passion is something i don't really have. I'm good and all, but your someone that people could be talking about in music history or something in the future; you are that freaking good! I hope you continue making songs and accomplish great things. Play on.... Play on