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Reviews for "The Shadows of Chaos Ep.2"


its all right.The story was great.The graphics are not just sticks so i give u credit.Just take out the chick with saggy boobs and like Dark Dragon said spend more time on the graphics.Besides thos flaws it was good.


great work the only thing i have to say is i think you should spend somemore time on drawing the stuff but thats all great flash :D


those parts are to short! u must make every part much longer or it wont be so good!

A strange series.

Hmmm, I've seen all of your work involving this series, and it's definitely one of the more original of it's kind. The music chioce is pretty well done, it adds to that lonely desolate feeling you seem to be projecting in this series. The visuals are very choppy and sometimes kind of jotty, but hey, that's rarely a factor in how I judge movies (unless it's main theme is the visuals, like abstract movies). It's a pain in the ass, I know, to make good animated visuals in flash, especially if you're doing it by mouse. Try to compress your adio a bit next time, the song during meditation seems to be what made this movie so big. If you don't know how to compress audio, go to the NG forums and there's a section that helps specifically in areas like this; just reading things from there has done me worlds of good. I'd try to get some more character development in your episodes. It's the 2nd (or 3rd) installment, and I still don't know the main character's name or what kind of person he is, yet he's already getting ready for something huge. If you've got it all planned out, the don't mind me. Just don't spread yourself too thin on trying to make a huge series. On a side note, this series kind of reminds me of a book called "The Giver". Hmmm..anways, don't let negative reviews discourage you. Work on your story and element of surprise a bit more and you'll attract much better audience and scores. Good luck.

Hybrination responds:

Well... i had a name for him in my original writing, but i thought it unnessecary, because these people have no individuality, he is basically like the rest, but is experiencing what most cannot, call it an anomaly as in the matrix ( wasnt inspired by it, wrote this before i saw it) and also i have read the giver, it partly inspired me in the colorless world, most of this i came up with while taking a crap, i thought the dream world as being another form of your life, and maybe after dying your second life IS your dream world (nothing to do with series) and came up with this... thanks for the review also it was very helpful, i started compression on some music, but i liked that song too much to make it of crappy quality.....


If this isn't one of your newest cartoons, I suggest you leave the animating business. I'm just messing with you but maybe you can put a little more effort into the peoples drawing. Another thing is that when the little boy runs, he sort of runs like a goat, sorry but I'm just telling it like it is. Anyways nice try...