Reviews for "-Shin- Summer Game"

:) wazzaaaa :)

IT's a great song !!! love it !!

Daaa daadoodo dodaodaodooo!

I am so going to be walking down on the beach while jammin to this.


Of course on an extremely nice sunny day.

Shinrog responds:

have fun ^^

It lets my Imagination take Flight

Whenever i close my eyes and listen to this song, i picture myself taking deep breaths in the beach under the sun while the sand is going through my toes.

Awsome Job, Congratulations

Shinrog responds:

thx,though i find it a little bit annoying when the sand is going thru my toes lol


This is pretty good for your first try! Nice job, man! ^_^

Shinrog responds:

woot! thanks!!!

Yeah DShark!

I'm fellin ya with the Code Lyoko thing

Shinrog responds:

lol another 1 xD