Reviews for "FLASH fables- Mary's Lamb"

I gave violence a 9 cause

no blood...even when he went into the plain motor...but all my are belong to this

different then the other ones...

For the most part, it wasn't as violent as the other ones, which isn't actually a good thing, but i guess the end makes up for it.

Wow :)

This is great its better than the other FLASH Fables , Its great:
The Graphics are awesome
You got a 10!
The Sound make me laugh for 10 minutes
You got a 10!
The interactivity :10!
Style 10!
The violence on this movie are great , intense , and humoristic at the same time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You got a 10!
The Humor is ....is...Humoristic!
You got a 10!
----------------OVERALL = 10! -------------------

its good..

these "tales" are very good and interesting but the only thing i dont like about them is that you used the same music and screams in every single one and after viewing all three straight in a row it gets boring with the same music. But awesome job though do another.


I love these, this one wasn't as scary as the other ones, but still funny