Reviews for "FLASH fables- Mary's Lamb"

feckin' great movie lad

Man that is fucking great!

I like the music that is syncornised with the emotion of the movie!
But Mary had nothing to do with it all though she gives me a hard on, but like thunder a car never hits the same thing twice!
Great falling with the lamb

And when he fallz on the tree why doesn't mary give a shit?

I like the bit where he smashes into a wall and slides down .
But after that big fall from a hundread feet and then a peice of sharp heavy wood landing on u from the same height and then getting hit by a car and being a lamb would it be able to swim!

The shark is a trade mark.

But what I like is the fuzzy camera action which can I steal?

And really ponichio deosn't beloiong their!

And I dont know whether it'd be more funny if he when through the pilots window and then out the back and got sliced witht the rudder!

Could you please submit an alternate ending please?!
to see how funny it'd be!


That was pretty funny and the music was great, must protect this one



Loved it

Nice one, loved your drawing style and the animation.


Lol aww the poor wittle sheepy.
Good choice of music btw. Keep it up