Reviews for "FLASH fables- Mary's Lamb"

o.m.g. y.o.u. r.o.c.k.

well... i aint got nowt much to say..
watching an innocent lamb get tortured for a whole day, then being taken to safety..
only to be

i love it!
again.. same old comments on style, perfect.. dark n humorous
n goth
peace out dude


that song for the end credits was Brackish, by Kittie, if im not mistooken.
anyway, this was..alright, took a while for it to gwet anywhere though

and the ending took a clever turn
but it wasnt to bad

Poor lamb

do all the creatures meet their demise in your fables (;_;), the lil screams are funny though (^^), the ending music was cool too!

kinda funny, but tedious

This movie was pretty funny, and the ending was good, but it kinda lasted forever.And in the end the violence was a bit tedious. It leaves room for improvement. A solid 7.

uh' lampchops? whata way to go!

rude and violent for no easy to see reason flash good but dont quit your day goob