Reviews for "FLASH fables- Mary's Lamb"

Wow :)

This is great its better than the other FLASH Fables , Its great:
The Graphics are awesome
You got a 10!
The Sound make me laugh for 10 minutes
You got a 10!
The interactivity :10!
Style 10!
The violence on this movie are great , intense , and humoristic at the same time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You got a 10!
The Humor is ....is...Humoristic!
You got a 10!
----------------OVERALL = 10! -------------------

Made my little girl cry, to say the least.

At first, you though it was going to turn out OK, but well that wouldnt be funny, now would it? ;) Showed it to my 5 year old daughter and she though it was pretty funny til the women started to eat the lamb. Although it did seem to be to drawn out and got a little over the top near the end. But over all, I like it.


LOL, i loved the...suprise(?) ending on this movie. The cadilac with the ih8stuf license plate was also great. I think im going to get one just like it. I liked Humpty Dumpty best, but this one was still pretty good.

Not as good as your first.

And yes, the human skull did frighten me, and also, its whether, not weather as seen in your comments.


does it frighten u a lamb has a human structural skull?