Reviews for "FLASH fables- Mary's Lamb"

2 COOL !!!! ;)

That was so funny it starts off all traditional and then blows u away when its not continued in the traditional sense, I would give u an overall 20 if i could!!! but I cant so ill give u the max. U MUST MAKE MORE !!!!!!!!! IM waiting ! ;D Im still laughing......LMAO XD

ih8stuf? interesting....

oh, what loveable, zany antics! such a funfilled toon this is!

That was cool

That was cool but very unnecessary cruel on the sheep, he went through all that and was completely butched, WHICH I ENJOYED, wicked fable, keep on makin em.

Great one!

This was yet another great piece of Flash art by you!
(And for the guy earlier; stfu, idiot. Who the hell cares how is the sheep´s head like? And who cares about snout? This is a cartoon, you moron!)


I would have rated this film higher except for something that really bothered me. That was the absurd shape of the sheep's head. It looked like some sort of chimera - sheep's body and pig's head or human head or something. The head was totally round. I've seen anthropomorphised animation of animals before, but this looks nothing like a sheep. The head is totally round and there is no snout whatever. What were you smoking?