Reviews for "FLASH fables- Mary's Lamb"


that fucking lamb deserves it its soooo annoying!!!!!
i wish it could be eating by the big bad wolf!!1 lol

Great !!

This is my Favrite one,,,, Very Well-Done,, Love it,,, I also like the Music,,, and the Pinochio Parody,,, Great !

Good ol' fables

i love what you did to the classics. i'll show these to my children someday...maybe.

All that horror for that little lamb.

And he still got eaten. That was great music too! It is genious!

To go through all that trouble,and still get eaten

Hey, at least it's by Bo Peep!
Woot! all my 10s belong to you and i would add more but they aint got none!
all your flash fables are great and i cant wait for more cause ill be watchin em and lovin every single one!
your music selection is really great, i love it. you are a genious.
i totally admire you, wanna get together sometime?