Reviews for "march of the glubglubs2"

it sounds cool

it reminds me of starwars and space!!

glubgluby responds:

lol thats not what i was going for but hey, if you like it, then thats great!

I like it

I agree with the guy below me for some strange reason it reminded me of star wars anyway very nice song

glubgluby responds:



Yes, it's more of a "space song" than a "halloween" song. I think the echoes and flangering effects makes this sound a bit "spacey".

I like the song, as it creates a pretty thrilling atmosphere. Could be used in a space-themed movie at the climax, when the heroes of said movie are about to discover the "dark secret" (whatever that may be ^^).

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glubgluby responds:

it seem most of my music sorta work at the end of a movie.. lol

5/5 and 10/10

- Good stuff -
More a space themed song than a Hallo'ween song. Mostly becasue of the lengthened notes.

- Bad stuff -
The title of this song suggest a totally different sounding type of music, it's suggesting a song with a army like souding structure.

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glubgluby responds:

i don't know whos keeps marking your reviews as abusive, they really help
and the title has to do with a creature I made up a long time ago, and its not an army, ever heard of a freedom march?

Good song...But not what I was looking 4

Great Halloween song, but I was searching for HALO songs and your "HALO"ween typo came up. 8)