Reviews for "march of the glubglubs2"


An interesting melody, with varied pace and good choice of music as well. Really can't find any flaws with it, it sounds good. Keep it going!


glubgluby responds:

march of the glubglubs 3 is in progress.


It was better than the first one (dunno how, but still i loved it more), but it looks like you are still not perfecting the looping, but overall, nice song (but still i preferred the H-ween for the creepy flashes)

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glubgluby responds:

me 2


This was much better than March of the Glubglubs, and it gives the listener an erie feeling about the music, which is a really good effect to have when it comes to trying to make creepy music like this. Towards the end it got really creepy, which was awesome, but I'm not really a fan of this techno style music at the same time, but of course I didn't dock points off of the score for that reason. Great work here though! Keep creating more!

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5/5 and 10/10

- Good stuff -
More a space themed song than a Hallo'ween song. Mostly becasue of the lengthened notes.

- Bad stuff -
The title of this song suggest a totally different sounding type of music, it's suggesting a song with a army like souding structure.

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glubgluby responds:

i don't know whos keeps marking your reviews as abusive, they really help
and the title has to do with a creature I made up a long time ago, and its not an army, ever heard of a freedom march?


Yes, it's more of a "space song" than a "halloween" song. I think the echoes and flangering effects makes this sound a bit "spacey".

I like the song, as it creates a pretty thrilling atmosphere. Could be used in a space-themed movie at the climax, when the heroes of said movie are about to discover the "dark secret" (whatever that may be ^^).

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glubgluby responds:

it seem most of my music sorta work at the end of a movie.. lol