Reviews for "-Trainstation dukeout-"

My favorite song by waterflame!

LOL! This is my favorite techno song. I'm using this on my first flash.

yes this has potential

"As the two of them stood opposite each other all surrounds faded all that was left was them...... guns clicked, bullets where chambered you could tell it was about to kick off and even though you saw it coming it still hit you like an inferno"

a small inspiration this conjured up for me


nice beat, great for action games using slow motion.


Crispy fresh and crunchy beats so tangible, i can feel the grits between my teeth. Sweet transitions to the almost gabba style and then back to techno/breakbeat. Can I say Prodigy-flavoured? I just wished it didn't fade out so abruptly in the midst of a tune. Good enough to eat!

dancing time!