Reviews for "-Trainstation dukeout-"


Pounding drums, thumping bass, pumping synths, fantastic time changes...
A perfect D'N'B song, and one of my favourites in the NG Audio Portal.
Nice job!

"very cool"

i just heard this music in Disk extermination, and had to come and download it, it is just 'very cool'.
-thanks ever so much. :)


Proper good job mate!

Waterflame responds:

thank ye!


i love this music. it rocks. i have a questun for you what program did you use to make this. peace out.

Waterflame responds:

thanks! i used fruityloops 5 ;O

Thanks for the great stuff

I've just listened to your more recent stuff, and I'm really liking it - your music is the first I've ever downloaded from the Audio Portal, it's awesome!