Reviews for "-Trainstation dukeout-"


This scared me but not in a bad way. I was workng on a comic, and the characters were battlng..in a train station. 0_o; this sounds like the battle!! wow!

this is simply...

one of THE BEST TRACKS IVE EVER HEARD! your a genius! im downloading this right now!!!

this is one really cool song

this song is so awesome that the first time i heard it i immediately downloaded it onto my mp3 player so i could listen to it all day. keep makin songs like this and you will soon rule the world!!!!


i luv the effects... it has great tunes in it aswell... i can imagine how great you are day by day...

keep doing your thang Waterflame.

ad jerre said

as my best friend jerre said this thing is one of the best thing i have ever heard!