Reviews for "Baphomet"

Very interesting take on baphomet

And I like it!


This is some crazy shit right there! and as an israelii can say that this is MegaKhoserCool!

~love it, Stigmaaa


This is truly exquisite. Obviously well thought out, it's easy to see the amount of time put into it. Your work is most excellent, especially this piece in particular.

Now, THIS is art!

Real artwork.

I cans ay that you have put very much work in it, becouse it has everything it needs.
It would be perfect for some animtion film or real cinema film poster.
It looks like you are in it too, like interesting and gaining new information about that kind of a things, magic, rituals, religions etc.
Good job and I can say keep drawing and making this kind of a stuff. :)
It looks amazing.