Reviews for "Baphomet"

almost perfect

but you did it with so much loyality to the texts that it just bugs me that you draw him with a human head just to ´´keep less animalistic appearance``


People like brucewillis should read the artist's comments more often. Of course "he" has breasts -- combined with the phallic image, it represents the whole of humanity. I love this image, personally. There's a lot behind it.


I do like the art, but I must say that the inscription in the below part in is not S-V-PH-Y-A, but SH-V-PH-Y-A, in this case the Vav, takes the role of consonnant "o".
The three pronged letter is Shin, not Samek. Unless I am mistaken an the actual writing is really a shin.

awesome with a bit of wha?

its sick as hell .. but it looks like he has boobs!

very nice

looks like it should be in an art show or something.