Reviews for "Baphomet"


Very worth reading the information about it, good research! 5/5, my old roomate knew how to paint those types of work in about 2 or 3 weeks, they were creepy but astonishing and interesting...


I love this type of painting.

Thank you

I am just simply thrilled that after so much time looking at some of the shit people put on Newgrounds, I get a rare glimpse at a well thought out, researched piece of art.

Anyway, the picture is kick-ass and it really makes one think... about what I'm not sure ;) but just looking at it is making me feel all kinds of philosophical.

Fucking awesome

I love this kinda shtuff, well done man, you're way to fucking talented.


the arts good, but this looks like Marilyn Manson sex god thing, but your research suggests that its MUCH older than that, guess he ripped it off...