Reviews for "Baphomet"


you got the hemaphrodite aspect

I must say this is a great pic

Very good

Although you didn't include the moons, I liked how you incorporated some of the Sephirot from Kaballah. I don't see why you gave him a human head though. But at least you kept the horns. Good work man

Great work

I'm an occultist myself, I've studied gnosticism, Kabbalah, the works of Manly P Hall, and Pythagorean mathematics, to the works of C G Jung.

I enjoyed your picture.


haha i'm a Jewish and speaks Hebrew i can read it :)
i didn't really read the story but its a nice art peace


But, I heard that his hands mean "the power of time and the eternal replacement of the strongs and intelligent who dominate the world" maybe I'm wrong but it's what I heard. You drew it really good. 10/10 all the way!