Reviews for "Darksong"


Wow man! This song is great! It feels like a boss battle to me... I'll be PMing you shortly asking about using this in a game :D


i love it
it sounds like an opening 2 a zelda game...

I really enjoyed this.

I agree with Mwahahaha, this would make a good opening theme for a movie or something. Nice job.


It totally sounds like a midevil type thing. The dark army is racing over the hills on their black steeds. The noble castle appears in a clearing and loud bells are beginning to sound. War is coming!


This song has bigger balls than me. You did a great job because I had a tumor in my nutsack that secreted massive amounts of growth hormone when I was 6 months old and I have nuts the size of James' giant fucking peach.

This song totally kicks ass. I enjoyed listening to it. You rock man. I'm gonna give you the 10 you deserve and the 5 that obviously follows. Anything that is bigger than my unmentionables in greatness always gets high marks in my book, sailor. Keep up the good work!!!!

bertron responds:

Bless your cyclopean balls. (I mean, cyclopean in stature, not in number, presumably). There is no greater sense of accomplishment than that provided by having my work compared to a stranger's genitalia. Thank you for your sincere expression of appreciation, my friend.

P.S. does that imply that children and giant talking bugs have had Roald Dahlian adventures take place within your bloated scrotum?

Anyway, cheers.