Reviews for "Darksong"

Thats pretty sweet

I actually liked that song a lot. The instruments come together very smoothly, and the song has a nice beat to it. The only Con is that it gets a bit repetitive, but not that much. Good song though, If you could PM me on what program you used I would really appreciate it.

i agree with the other guy:)

dude this is an awsome song you've made. hope it gets put on the top 50. truely an acheivment of titanic proportions.


Pretty awesome track. Sounds like someone's is heading into an important battle. Or just came back from one in a serious kinda tone.


awesome track! Keep up the good work! I give you 5 stars for effort, and 4 stars for how I liked it (of course)
So, 5+4=9
9 stars....

i can feel it

it aint at all classic rock, but its good. i could see it in a game