Reviews for "Darksong"

Very good, a nice beat!

This is a very good song in most games... I would consider this one of your best works Bertron.

Keep it UP!

i can feel it

it aint at all classic rock, but its good. i could see it in a game


It totally sounds like a midevil type thing. The dark army is racing over the hills on their black steeds. The noble castle appears in a clearing and loud bells are beginning to sound. War is coming!

nicely done.

The way this song flows is just great. Love the rock sound to this. It almost has that fight scene or dramatic scene sound to it. You've done a great job on this and really i could see this song going far on newgrounds. Wonderful work!


I really enjoyed this.

I agree with Mwahahaha, this would make a good opening theme for a movie or something. Nice job.