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Reviews for "Falling Snowflakes"


hey, making a new christmas flash game and im using this song in my menu :) its a good christmas tune :P


nice bassline, nice instruments, nice percussion.. all fit well together..
well built :D keep it up!
and if u have some time, come check some of my songs too :D

Grillpie responds:

thank thee, I reviewed a song of yours with my other account

Hello there! This soundtrack sounds really good not gonna lie!
May I please ask for your permission to use in our christmas 3D demo game? This soundtrack fits really good in the option menu (since its going to be a room and not just a plain blank image with various graphic settings)

Great for flash

Loops are made for flash. It fit very well with the begging of my flash and i think it would be good for any christmas flash realy so i'll give it an 8 out of 10.

Grillpie responds:


Also, wow, this was put into 6 flashes... in two days O_o


Truly a great loop. A new perspective to the whole christmasy emotions, heh, love it. Keep up the great works!


Grillpie responds:

What perspective? A three dimensional one, I hope. I like them three dimensional.