Reviews for "War Prisoner"

People People....

Stop your bickering, Art is art regardless of its content,

And its just a picutre a collection of interestingly grouped pixels
love it or hate it I'm glad Shadman Shares his art.

(And I love the amount of detail He puts in his art!)

TheShadling responds:

Im glad you do mate!

nice one

metal slug yet another game felled in to your hand came out with this great work

TheShadling responds:

Metal SLug is awesome though.

love it

i like this as i do with almost all your adult work. i dont know why but piss is a fetish of mine, albeit i prefer getting pissed on. i like this alot tho, its funny cuz its so true as you could see from that bimbo lynnie with the abu-graib prisoners. keep up the good work shadman

TheShadling responds:



but srsly man to much damn pee.... did tey hold it in for a year or what??

TheShadling responds:

Haha its not that much!

what the....

You and your fetishes. :D

TheShadling responds:

Who sais its one of my fetishes.