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Reviews for "escape the city"


it's just euphoric when you listen to it. I put it on my zune and was driving down the road listening to it and it just made the drive comfortable great job, keep doing what your doing.

AL-3B-D responds:

thanx 4 the vote. i started some new projects today in the same genre!

Good music

Would be a great song for an intro or just fly through. Also great driving music

AL-3B-D responds:

one of my mental pictures when created this song was night driving. u know when u r sitting there and see all the city lights pass by the car and over your head, music turned up loud and just leaving everything behind. thanx 4 the 10!!



Smooth, man. Re---al smooth.

I've recently started liking this style of music, and your's is no exception. I am partial to being a Metal-Head, but when its right, its right.
Good job, man. Keep it up.
*~t3h C.


Nice job with this..laid back, and very chill ass tune.