Reviews for "Smbz: The Big Brawl"


i like it, however i must agree with what's said bellow; done too many times, still very good!


Although I like listening to this convenient, um, mix, I have to agree that this doesn't belong on the Audio Portal. This is more of something you'd submit in a YouTube video or something, but the Audio Portal is for original work :l


i honestly don't know what to do with this... you did modify it a bit but it just seems you just took the parts with the words out. If you go to 1:05 and 1:57 you can here that there's a slight skip as to where the words would originally be. That's pretty much all i can see that's different. and you actually did give some credit to back to mad (made by texas faggot) so i don't knkow what to so with this. I'm not a mod but I just wanted to point out the difficulties i had with this song...

sebbeshs responds:

I know, I Know. I Actually Thought I'd Take This Off, But Suprisingly I Cant... I Seems That The People Liked It Such That I Cant Remov NOR Edit This.

Copied issues

I notice you have some issues with people stating this as being copied etc. I have to say, first thing I thought of was Rockman Neo which is an old music video on this Site that plays in tune with Back to Mad by Texas Faggot.

Anyway, point is, I think you'd have less trouble if you actually pointed out in more detail the origins of the song and such. To me, it seems like you posted it with vague info and are enjoying the attention.

Also, since the info is so vague I'm not sure if it IS just copied or if you remixed/edited it at all, etc.

Been done too many times

The simple fact that this has been done many times and people still cant seem to mix it properly. As a Dj that has mixed this song more than once, you can tell that it is actually poorly done. You can tell when each section is cut and it makes the next part sound hard. you also try too hard at the end and it makes it sound horrible.

Also I remember back in the day that Rockman neo was the first flash to use back to mad. I don't know why everyone went crazy over it when it was used in SMBZ. A little bit of research always helps, even to people that are experts at mixing.

The song is not that hard to mix. It could even be done in windows movie maker, but this song itself has actually been killed already.