Reviews for "Smbz: The Big Brawl"

nice remix

its a nice remix but since the beggining is the same as the original hope ya dont get in trouble, btw do u have the original song?

sebbeshs responds:

Yes I Have. How Shoud I Else Get These Results If I Didnt Know How The Song Was?


It's pretty badass that you took this epic song and made it without the vocals! I give only a 9 because there are parts that need to be fixed.

Good but

At some points you can hear clearly that the music was cut, like the annoying "everybody dance to the music" part. But very nice, 2nd Favourite song. :D


Nice :D

8 for the fact it isn't officially yours, but its still epic,
i kinda figured we reveiw the song here not the artist x.x
but yeah.... i really like it's speed and how it gets me PUMPED UP